Retrieve A Lover Review

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Retrieve A Lover Review

about Save Your Relationship Bring Back The Love Of Your Life (Retrieve A Lover) By Cucan Pemo

Retrieve A Lover By Cucan Premo
has a lot of different strings to its bow. It is part a guide to getting your ex back, part a relationship primer, and part a guide to saving your marriage and stopping a divorce. I have placed it in the "Save My Marriage!" section because having read through it I felt that was the most appropriate. The package also comes with two bonuses that I felt were particularly relevant for people looking to save their marriage, as opposed to simply getting an ex back (though that is covered). The two bonuses I am referring to are, "Stopping Your Divorce!" and "Stop Your Breakups!"

The main "Retrieve A Lover" book is called, "Save Your Relationship - Bring Back The Love Of Your Life" and offers a very specific 4-Step Strategy to do exactly that. It is 71 pages long and begins with Cucan explaining why she believes her guide will work better then either counselling, or other self-help type relationship books you may have read. In a nutshell she shies away from the negativity that is often very prevalent when going to marriage counselling, and instead opts for a much more pro-active approach that focuses on what you CAN DO NOW, rather then what you didn't do, or should have done in the past. That makes sense. There is no point crying over spilt milk, and beating yourself up about the past. You only have control over the here and now, and wallowing in self-pity cannot help you.

In the book Cucan very much draws on her own experience of a relationship that seemed to be heading downhill, and outlines the exact 4 step process that she used to retrieve it to a loving, exciting and sustaining relationship.

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This is a guide written by a woman (its a little difficult to tell by the name, but Cucan is a girl :-)) and hence has a gentler style of writing then most of the guides you will read in this area. You can tell from reading it that Cucan is quite a kinesthenic (touchy feely) type of person, as much of the writing is written from the perspective of feelings, and how a particular occurrence or event connected with her. If you are a lady who prefers a gentler approach, or a guy who would prefer to learn off a woman, then this could be a good fit.

I found it a little kooky (that is a technical term for a bit too loved up), hence the 4 stars as opposed to five. But it really depends on what your learning style is like. The book develops from Cucan having relationship problems with the love of her life through to contacting a mysterious figure called Jeremy who she starts to have an email correspondence with to get if fixed. It is Jeremy who outlines a series of insights in emails to her that ultimately leads to the four step process which she outlines extensively in the second half of the book, and which she ultimately uses to good effect to get her boyfriend back.

Quite who this Jeremy character is (Does he do stock picks as well?) is never really adequately outlined, and I found it a little implausible to be honest. He apparently wanted to remain a man of mystery and instead email Cucan one new email with advice every week for 7 weeks. The structure of the book is built up from those emails.

In a way reading this book felt a bit like going through that book, "The Celestine Prophecy". Its a good read and you definitely want to find out what happens next, but also find yourself getting a little irritated at the vague style of it all. Still, it does manage to separate the author from the message, and in some ways that is quite refreshing. In most of these kind of books you have the 'Expert' figure up there on a pedestal preaching down to the converted (thats you); and whilst in some ways that is re-assuring, it is also a little disconcerting, and can have the effect of making you feel like you are back in school.

You don't get that here, because the authority figure (Jeremy) is apart from the protagonist (Cucan and You and I) so we are moving along in the flow of the whole thing, and learning as we go, rather than feeling as though we are the dunce of the class, and everyone else has clearly cracked this relationship stuff long before we did.

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That said, Jeremy is a bit much if you are a normal guy. You would probanly want to punch him if you had to live with him, as he is a little too perfect and his emails read a bit like a he is a Yogi master or something. This book is definitely designed for women who like authority figures or for guys who are quite calm, nurturing types. If thats you, then you will like the style. But for me Jeremy felt a bit fake. I guess I am missing the point in the sense that my logical mind knows there is more chance of bumping into Superman then ever meeting Jeremy, but I would have preferred it if the information was a little less eseoteric, and a little more grounded. Relationships may be mystical in many ways, but getting an ex back or stopping a marriage breakup does have cause and effect actions that you can create, and I am not convinced that Cucan couldn't have encapsulated her message with a better metaphor then a mysterious stranger on the internet (called Jeremy).

However, I repeat again, if you are a touchy feely person then you will LOVE the style. It will feel as though this was written just for you. It is quite noticable how the many positive testimonials for this course all sound as though they are written by women and men who are very in touch with their feelings. Which makes a lot of sense to me, as those were exactly the type of person who would really connect with Cucan and really benefit from this book.

Here are a sample from Cucan's site:

A couple weeks later, after much heartache and confusion I stumbled across your Retrieve A Lover website. I was willing to try anything and I am sure glad I did! I never thought the day would come but after only 3 months of following your advice, my lover came running back into my arms...almost literally! It really took me by suprise and I still can't believe it. We are now on the up and up and I am sure our relationship is going to be MUCH stronger than before knowing what I know now. Thank you so much for helping me through what I thought to be one of the most difficult times in my life. I'll continue to read your emails and learn from them. Thanks for offering such necessary advice!


(PS - ..amazing! Thank you!)
Dear Cucan, IT WORKED! ...No sooner than I had read your e-book and put the steps into place than he was banging down my door and explaining that he had made the wrong decision. You were right! It all made perfect sense to me and was so easy to put into action.

Now I am using the steps in all aspects of my life. Less than six weeks since I purchased and read your e-book I have my boyfriend back and talking of marriage, a promotion at work, and an all expense paid trip overseas. I believe that fate brought me to you and your book and I am ever so grateful that you have published such a lifesaving text, and for such a reasonable price. Thank you Cucan, your advice has taken my life to new horizans. Don't ever stop your teaching!... Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
- L.K.
Melbourne, Australia

When I bought your program a few months ago I was truly lost. I was willing to try anything. I had earlier purchased a different program and it seemed like more manipulation than honest work. ___ was the key. As I followed your teachings and re-read ___ E-mails I knew this was what I
needed...... I was at my mothers doing some work for her when my ex called her to chat. I answered because my mom wasn't home. My ex was shocked to hear me...... she asked me to call her later that night. I did. In the middle of our conversation she blurted out "come over now". I did and we have been working on communication and expressing what we want, what we truly want. I was never the one to express my feeling fully before... It's worth it. I can't thank you enough for showing me that I had the strength in myself to change. Oh I did thank myself also. Again thank you and everyone who has found strength, those looking still and those who I pray for to find hope and strength.
-- Phil

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There is a lot of very practical advice in this book though if you can get in sync with the style. In essence it combines a lot of law of attraction style material with positive thinking and changing your outlook. All good stuff. I liked the second half of the book much better once Cucan actually got on to talking a bit more in-depth about the four step process. To me that felt real, tangible and something you could actually put into practice.

The course is accompanied by a 38 page workbook which was much more about the specifics of exactly what to do. That looked at some very specific issues such as constant quarrelling, your lover having cheated on you, lack of physical affection in the relationship etc. And asked a whole series of questions so you could really drill down as to what you should do next.

It also comes with a whole series of bonuses which are quite cool.

I liked this book, but in places the style did annoy me. Whether or not this is for you will depend on how you best learn information. If you are very direct and confident then you may find this a little annoying and want more to-dos and less connection material. If on the other hand you find all these guides about 'pushing psychological triggers' etc a real turn off, and yearn for something that is much more about being in-tune with your partner, and re-creating the feelings that you used to have (a gentler approach if you will). Then you will definitely feel good energy when you read this book, and really connect with where the author is coming from in its presentation.

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