How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend Review

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How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend Review

About How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend By Simon H And David Kwan -

How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend is one of those perpetual bugbears of guys all over the world. Most guys have been in that place at some stage. For many of us it started quite early at school and gradually became less of an issue as we got older and more confident. But for some guys this is an issue that they drag around with them for what seems like their whole lives. They do the whole 'nice guy' thing and before they know it another girl is telling them how, "Its amazing they are single becuase they are so great!" Whilst in her second breath will say something like, "I just don't see you like that. We're friends!"

Wham! Bam! It's like a dagger to the heart whenever that sentiment is expressed, because most guys have zero interest in "Just being friends" with any girl they find both attractive and personable. And hell, why would they? That is female thinking on the world! In reality, if a girl is super cool and you fancy her, then it would be very odd to only want her as a friend.

Simon H (Not sure what this guys surname is, he doesn't mention it anywhere. A tad bizarre. Perhaps he is shy? ;-)) and David Kwan clearly think so as well, because they have written the first guide that I have seen which aims to tackle head on the subject of converting some girl who are you are deep in "friend zone" with, that you really are the stud that she has been seeking all these years and that she had better actively look to become your girlfriend quick, BEFORE you get plucked off the market.

You can check out How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend HERE >>

Now, for those guys reading this who are currently neck deep in the "friend zone" with some girl this is going to sound unbelievable. But, in reality, it is perfectly doable. Really it is only a matter of changing:

1/ How you act around her.
2/ Who she percieves you to be.
3/ Upping the attraction factor
4/ Creating a Sense of Exclusivity and Non-Availability (Sounds counter intuitive, but thats the reality)

Simple :-) Ok. So it might not seem like it, but really there is not as much too changing these factors as you might think.

A good first step is to take a look at how guys who she is attracted too act around her. You will notice that they are not acting like lap dogs doing her bidding. There is no danger of her saying outloud too much that is positive about them ironically. In fact, she may even describe them as selfish to you. And yet she is dating him and not you. How come?

This book, "How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend" is two guys answer to that specific question. And whilst not specifically about 'Getting An Ex Back", which is the broad theme of this site, I thought I would do a review of this product here, because it comes under much the same psychological umbrella. Namely that you have most likely been behaving like a bit of a wuss, and it needs to stop if you are ever going to have success with your 'friend' or any other girl.

You need to learn how to change the vibe of the interaction with your friend and start to communicate with her in a totally different way if you are going to have success. Really, the plain fact is that you need to step up and seize your manhood back from her, and in the process get her. Strange, but true.

This book crosses between the psychology of stepping into your manhood, and practical dating advice. So in many ways it is a crossover product that aims to teach about both worlds. So you are going to learn techniques for example of how to increase your social proof when you are around her (Tip - Film Stars ALWAYS get the girl no matter what they look like. Generally NOT because they have money (despite what you might think), but because they have immense social proof. They are in effect 'Tribal Leaders', and that is where you need to be at).

It looks at how to tease and flirt with women, and how to get them to see you as a sexual creature, and not 'just a friend'.

Here are what some other folk made of it:


"Hey Simon,
Your personal coaching has provided me a ton of COOL tips and tricks. I have bought all your programs and it's amazing how you came about figuring all these stuff out.

This friend to girlfriend program is by far one of your BEST. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a crush on my childhood sweetheart. We've known each other since we were kids. She has rejected me once when I confessed my feelings to her when I was 16 and dared not to go any further for the fear of losing the friendship we had.

I'm 21 this year, and after going through your stuff, I picked myself up and decided to give it a go one last time. We're now officially an "ITEM"!!! Woooo babyyyyyy!!! And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you've done. She's MORE than anything I could ever dream and ask for!! Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much!"

Anthony A
Arizona, US
Your girlfriend stealer book was crazy! It was exactly what I needed to get her to "feel" it for me, before I tried practically every trick in the book to attract her over, yeah I do get the occasional sex from her, I wanted more, I wanted HER FOR MYSELF but somehow she always seems to run back to her boyfriend whenever he's back in town.

It was only after realizing WHY it was so that helped me to 'crack the code' and get her to turn over to MY side. Overall, excellent book!"

~~ Jamie D, Designer


You also get these three bonus ebooks, audio coaching and free lifetime updates with the course:

This is a very specific book for a very specific problem. I wanted to tell you about it beause of the shared psychology it has with people who want to get back with an ex (many of the bad habits they picked up that got them to that position are identical). And if your primary problem with your ex was a lack of attraction from her, then this could really help to address that issue.

It is definitely not for everyone. But if you think that lack of passion might have been behind your break up with your ex, or simply because you find yourself deep in the friend zone with some girl you are attracted to, and want to turn her into your girlfriend. Then this could be exactly what you have been looking for.


You can check out How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend HERE >>




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