Men Made Easy Review

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Men Made Easy Review

about Men Made Easy Review OR How To Get A Man To Fall In Love With You And Never Let You Go By Kara Oh

Men Made Easy OR How to Get A Man To Fall In Love With You And Never Let You Go is a comprehensive guide by Kara Oh for women. It is designed specifically to teach women how to go about getting what you want from your man, and experiencing levels of control that you have never previously experienced in your relationships.

The first thing to point out is that this is a meaty guide. Some of these type of products (which don't even make it into the reviewing stakes, because they don't offer enough value) can be quite short, and can leave you feeling a little underwhelmed at how much effort their authors HAVEN'T put into them.

Not so here. This is 188 pages long, and clearly the effort has been put into making this a great product, and not on fancy marketing. Hence this is one of those products that is a bit of an underground secret, which is all the better for you, because your man won't know what has hit him when you try out these techniques on him :-)

The guide is split up into thirteen different chapters as follows:

Chapter One — How you can make your dreams come true
Chapter Two — Why you have the power in your relationship
Chapter Three — Why a defensive man cannot love
Chapter Four — Why men crave intimacy more than women do
Chapter Five — How most men express intimacy
Chapter Six — Why monogamy is so difficult for men
Chapter Seven — Why men need to feel successful
Chapter Eight — Why men are driven to make women happy
Chapter Nine — Why men are willing to face rejection
Chapter Ten — Why men are so cautious about commitment
Chapter Eleven — Why men need concise communication
Chapter Twelve — Feminine Grace and Intuition - Without them the Twelve Simple Secrets won't work
Chapter Thirteen - How to Make Her Happy — A Quick Guide For Guys

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Plus, it also comes with three other bonuses which are as follows:

1/ Full audio recordings of the main book - This is read by the author herself. So whether you like reading, or prefer getting your information by listening to someone telling you information, then you are covered. And note, this is UNABRIDGED so you are getting a lot of value with this bonus. Here are the timings.

Chapter 1 - 24 minutes 6 seconds
Chapter 2 - 30 minutes
Chapetr 3 - 18 minutes 48 seconds
Chapter 4 - 28 minutes 44 seconds
Chapter 5 - 23 minutes 54 seconds
Chapter 6 - 26 minutes 57 seconds
Chapter 7 - 29 minutes 36 seconds
Chapter 8 - 27 minutes 59 seconds
Chapter 9 - 13 minutes 56 seconds
Chapter 10 - 20 minutes
Chapter 11 - 20 minutes 52 seconds
Chapter 12 - 25 minutes 6 seconds
Chapter 13 - 12 minutes 40 seconds

So you are getting over 5 Hours of audio as well.

2/ FREE Personal 20 Minute Coaching Session With Kara - Very nice bonus. Counselling sessions are expensive. Conselling sessions with best-selling relationship authors are much more expensive. So this has genuine value.

3/ Access To A Private Support Group - So on an ongoing basis you can ask Kara questions and also connect with other women who are experiencing what you are going through. In other words, an instant support network.

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Ok. So what is the product like? Is it any good?

The product is organised around the principle of revealing twelve simple secrets. To give you a flavor of what you can expect, here is the first paragraph from the book (don't worry Kara if you are reading this :-) No secrets are being revealed, but it will give folk a clearer idea of the style of writing)

Within the pages of this book are Twelve Simple Secrets that I developed after interviewing hundreds of men. These Secrets will allow you to peek into the heretofore well-guarded private recesses of a man's heart and soul.

As if by magic, the Secrets will cause your man to treat you more and more like a queen. He won't be able to help himself. He'll respond as if in a trance. He'll begin to change in ways you had hoped he would in the beginning of your relationship, ways in which you probably gave up on long ago... Courtesy "Men Made Easy" By Kara Oh

In a way this book is designed to produce the fairy tale. It is for every woman who longs to be treated like a princess by a strong Prince Charming. And is attempting to do exactly that NOT by you somehow setting up shop on top of an ivory tower and day-dreaming about it. Which, lets face it, is probably the way that you have been attempting to go about it up until now (and how has that been working out for you?) But rather to acknowledge that it is not your hopes and aspirations to meet a man that is worthy of you that is flawed, but rather the strategies that you have been using to make it happen that could do with some work.

This is where Kara steps in with "Men Made Easy". Her subtitle to the book tells its own story about her intentions, "How To Get A Man To Fall In Love With You And Never Let You Go", and throughout her book she tells you different secrets that she discovered to achive exactly that.

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It should also be pointed out that this isn't information conjured up out of thin air by Kara. She actually set-up self-discovery workshops which she facilitated over a period of several years, where she did the logical thing and asked hundreds of men to discuss relationships (Sidenote - If you have ever tried to discuss relationships with even ONE GUY then you know that getting several hundred to be honest about it is quite an achievement!) She then wrote the book based on their responses. Not what she hoped was true. Not that which would be NICE if it were true. But based on the ACTUAL RESULTS of her studies. In a sense then this is a bit like a group of hundreds of guys telling secrets that a woman then interprets into a format that other women will understand.

Kara herself is a trained cultural anthropologist, which in other words means that she is already an old-hand at studying the way that people interact with each other in different societies. She has simply extended that "cultural reach" to a study of male-female relationships and developed a set of easy to apply principles.

Does it work though?

Here are what some other women who read it and put it into practice made of it:

Dear Kara, After I ordered your book online and read it over the course of a few days, I felt myself change inside. Your Secrets were words of revelation to me. I am 59 years old and never has anyone told me these things before! Let me explain:

I began to apply your principles to my failing marriage and have experienced immediate results. My husband is all the best of how you describe men. It makes me love him all over again and he's loving me back - this, after I had given up hope.

Jo Ann Galneder
Hi Kara, My friend recently gave me a copy of your e-book for my birthday. I couldn't put it down. I loved how my husband began to respond to me in such loving ways, but even more was how being a woman became a brand new, exciting adventure. How can I thank you? You're a genius.

Linda Sue Bentley, Lexington, Kentucky

Hi Kara,
I have just read your book Men Made Easy and i wanted to say thanks!! Thanks for making everything so easy to read and understand.... i have read a lot of self help books regarding relationships over the past few months (including numerous Dr John Gray books) and i have to say yours was far easier to read and understand than any other.... i suppose that its obvious it was written BY a woman FOR women!!

Thank You, Kelly
Everything with your books is making our relationship 10x better than it was before. He's more attentive, talkative, funny - he calls more often. He's doing things like when we first fell in love. It's awesome.

Thank you ,
Melissa Barry

The book itself inthuses a sense of passion about her subject, and you will almost certainly have plenty of 'A-Ha!" moments throughout reading it. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into compiling it. If you want to read a book that makes you not only sit up and think, but also could play an important role in saving your marriage or improving your lovelife, then you should check this out.

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