Breakup Reversed Review Can You Avoid Your Break Up

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Breakup Reversed Review - Can You Avoid Your Break Up?

About - Break Up Reversed By Robert Parsons -

BreakUp Reversed By Robert Parsons has been featured in such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Maxim, GQ, Glamour and Men's Health so it is already something of an 'Old Face' amongst 'Get Your Ex Back' products and courses. The author, Robert Parsons claims to have helped 7,340 people in 23 countries to get their exes back, so you are potentially in good company. However, I take NOTHING on face value at this site, so I have actually been thoroughly though Parson's BreakUp Reversed book to write this review to see whether it really delivers, or whether it is just a bunch of hot air.

So, what is the promise? Why would ANYONE buy this book? And if they did what should they be able to achieve by so doing? Lets take a look at those first, and then I'll show you what Parsons has on offer.

Here is the promise from the Break Up Reversed website: (And its a biggy :-))

I'm About To Reveal A Hidden Way For You To Literally Have Your Ex "Begging" To Get You Back, Especially If You're The Only One Trying...Guaranteed

Breakup ReversedOk. So what is actually in the package?

There are seven items that come with the course:

1/ The main BreakUp Reversed Ebook

2/ The Full Audio Version of the course

3/ BONUS - "Instant Heartache Relief"

4/ BONUS - "Breakup Reversed Quick Reference Guide"

5/ BONUS - "Secrets to Saving Any Marriage"

6/ BONUS - "How To Keep The Fire Burning After You Make Up"

7/ FREE One on One Email Counselling with Robert Parsons for 3 Months

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The main Break Up Reversed Ebook has the following eight sections:

Chapter 1: Why Did It Have To End?
Chapter 2: Don't Act Desperate!
Chapter 3: Removing What Separates You
Chapter 4: Relighting the Fire
Chapter 5: How Dating Makes You Desirable
Chapter 6: Easing Back into the Relationship
Chapter 7: Relationship Maintenance
Chapter 8: When It Can't Be Saved

The book goes into all these different issues with gusto, and clearly Robert Parsons is excited about communicating this material (which is important). Throughout the book you find easy to understand discussion of different points relating to relationships and how to approach them, as well as talking about specific problem areas in many relationships such as constant bickering and fighting and trust issues.

With all these Robert doesn't just talk a good fight. He goes on to explain HOW you can take control of various situations, and warning signs that may alert you to future potential problems. One area that I really enjoyed about halfway through the book is where he talks about "Twelve Ways To Blow It", as it was very easy to see some of your own past mistakes among the twelve, and yet, if you are aware of them, then it is much easier to catch yourself making an error (in 'building a relationship or getting an ex back" terms at least :-) and stop yourself BEFORE You do it! It also helps to crystalise the types of things that you need to do sooner rather then later to get your ex back, and acts as a useful checklist for your actions.

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This is one of the key strengths of this book. The fact that it is nicely broken down within each context area into various sub-sections, so you can easily dip in and out of it, but additionally, you become clearer in your own mind about how a particular issue affects you and your relationship, and you are hence able to more effectively hone in on it.

With all products that are aimed at getting you back into a relationship with your ex YOU need to do the work and ultimately all the suggestions mean nothing if you simply learn from the information, but then do nothing with it. By breaking the book up Robert nicely accomplishes the feat of getting this fact clearer in your own mind, as you can simply pick a small strategy and then at least have something that you can immediately work with.

This makes a nice change from some other products about getting your ex back, where it can sometimes feel like you need to be an advanced engineering type, able to follow incredibly complicated plans in order for anything to happen. Here you simply to start taking any of the steps that Robert Parsons suggests, and then each in turn builds on each other.

Its a bit like the maxim, "Success breeds Success". If you start to see some results then you are much more likely to follow through on new ways of moving forward with your ex (who hopefully by the end of applying the tips in the book will no longer be your ex, and will instead be your girlfriend again :-))

The same holds true of the four bonus ebooks that come with the course. These are nicely put together, and each addresses a different issue:

Breakup Reversed Bonuses

Instant Heartache Relief
- This talks about how you can instantly lesson the stress that you feel from a breakup. The aim is to step in and be a bit like a bandaid for your spirit until you can read through the main book and make a start on getting your ex back :-)

Breakup Reversed Quick Reference Guide - This crams the information into a handy bite-size guide to make this all happen. It is not meant to be a replacement to the main guide, but does serve as a good backup and re-inforcement to the main guide (and is also useful if you are ever short on time but want a refresher).

Secrets to Saving Any Marriage - This is a nice bonus to recieve because there are many dedicated guides to 'Saving Your Marriage' which on their own cost more then the price of the whole breakup reversed course. This talks about how you can re-invigorate any marriage and get the flames back, even if it seems like you are working with extremely smouldering embers.

How To Keep The Fire Burning After You Makeup - This is a new book that Robert has added to the package quite recently. He found that people were having tremendous success with his program, and were getting their exes back, but were then asking. "Ok. I've now got her back. But how do I stop it from all going wrong again?". Robert saw that there was a gap in the knowledge that people need for this to be an 'Overall' package, and wrote this to fill that gap.

Check out Break Up Reversed HERE >>

The final bonus is also free, but is probably worth many times the cost of the package. And that is that for 3 Full Months after you get the book, you can email Robert personally (he gives you his personal email address), and you can have one on one consulting with him about your issues. You can get personal guidance and support from him, and really get to the root of any problems you are having.

This is REALLY cool. Most friends haven't got a clue about this stuff. They just tell you to buy flowers, or be decent etc and hope for the best. But someone like Robert knows this stuff inside and out and is laser focused because day after day he is specifically dealing with, "How do I get my Ex Back?" type questions. So is clearly going to be much better able to provide advice that really cuts to the heart of what you need to hear.

On his website Robert says that he will be removing this shortly when he has a certain number of people (which makes sense because there is only one of him), so you might want to check this out quickly if the personal email support is an element you like the sound of.

Here are some emails from people who contacted Robert:

"I acted so badly I am ashamed of myself. I never thought I would see the day where he would be fighting to get me back but that is just exactly what happened once I started applying the priniciples of Breakup Reversed. After following the steps you suggested he responded immediately. Furthermore our relationship is now on a more honest, firm and committed footing. Thanks so much Robert."
John Stevens, Sydney, Australia -- 3 Year Relationship SAVED!


"Robert if you had not written this book I would still be sitting at home alone. You helped me get my Susie back and for that I will be eternally grateful. I was doing the exact opposite of what you suggested and it was getting me nowhere.

Thanks again."

Frank Van Rhe, Lewiston, Idaho -- 10 Month Relationship SAVED!


"Since my breakup of my 6 year relationship, I tried everything to get my girl back but nothing worked, she wouldn't even return my calls. Then I took a chance on your book and I still can't believe how incredibly it worked. my opinion, this is the best book on repairing a breakup you will ever find. Thank you."

Arnold Mason, Toronto, Ontario -- 6 Year Relationship SAVED!


In conclusion, this is a very well put together course. It is well thought out, the writing is good and has a nice flow to it. It also seems from the testimonials that Robert is getting for Breakup Reversed that people are having a lot of success with it. The bonuses are also well worth having and they fit in nicely with the theme of the whole package. Plus, this is one of the VERY rare programs where you can actually get personal One-on-One attention (via email) with the author, so that you can fine tune the information to suit YOUR circumstances.

I would check it out though whilst the personal attention is still available, as this part of the package will be pulled at some stage as Robert has tv and media commitments that will inevitably get bigger the more success stories he gets, and he will need to free up the time it must take up.

Check out BreakUp Reversed HERE >>


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