10 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back

10 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back

There are many different ways to get your girlfriend back into your life, and there are just as many ways to push her away. We will discuss three major things to avoid, and the seven ways to get her back.

First of all the three things that are not only a waste of time, but might just push her further away are, buying her trivial gifts like candy, flowers and other gifts. Not only does she not want these things now, but she will wonder why you didn't do this while you were together. Calling or sending her text messages, big no no. Not only will this push her away, it could be considered stalking. The third thing NOT to do is begging for forgiveness, or promising you will change. Not only is it undignified, but she will ask why didn't you change in the first place.

The first thing you need to do to get your girlfriend back is be honest. The next step in getting her back is communicating with her. This is not going to be easy, but you must find a way. Other than infidelity, and lack of communication, there are two reasons why a break up happens. One, you were overwhelming in your affection, and the other, not being attentive enough. The third way to get her back is figure out what went wrong in the relationship in the first place.

Put some romance into your life, and if you have problems with this, look the to internet for help. The next thing you have to learn is intimacy. This is different than sex, and most guys don't understand the difference. Intimacy is being around her, holding hands, cuddling, listening to her, comforting her when she is sad. If you can sit with her for an hour, close to her, without fondling her breasts, or trying to initiate sex, that is intimacy. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

Really start changing your behavior and habits. You have to do this for yourself as much as it is for her. Loose the weight, stop smoking and/or drinking, learn to improve yourself. Of course it's hard, duh, that's why it's worth it. Only you can change yourself, not other people, but, you can get help from other people. You can let her know you have changed, but tell her you changed because you realized how much your actions or activities hurt other people.

Start dating other women. This will send a clear message that you are over here, and you can live without her. Seeing you with other people may even make her regret the break up, and may want to get back with you.

Be her friend again. You were friends before you were lovers, hopefully. If you both just jumped into bed and started a relationship, you definitely need to be her friend first. Not only that, it is a way of showing her the changes you have made in your life, and she will see the difference, and may even comment about it.

Finally, when it comes time, sit down and really talk to each other about feelings. Tell her that although you made these changes for yourself, it was because you wanted to be with her, and explain that you are serious about being more romantic, more intimate, and that you now know the difference between intimacy and sex. To get your girlfriend back you will need to be transparent about your feelings. Between letting her know this, and showing her the changes you have made, and why, it will make her want to get back with you.

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