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Second Chance Romance Review - How To Easily Win Your Ex Back Now

About - Second Chance Romance By Jason Hicks -

Second  Chance Romance By Jason HicksSecond Chance Romance By Jason Hicks is a guide to creating a second chance romance with your ex lover, without seeming desperate or creepy about it. It taps into many ideas that you may not be aware of, but which have been studied extensively in advanced psychology where we each have certain triggerpoints that can cause us to behave in certain ways.

Now, in practice these trigger points can be for virtually anything. For example, if you were scared by a big spider when you were a child, then even as an adult (and hundreds of times larger then any spider); whenever you see a spider it may totally freak you out.

Jason Hicks taps into that knowledge and applies it to relationships. If you think back for example to when you first met your ex and became friendly there were almost certainly patterns of behaviour that they did to cause you to be attracted to them. Now, some of these were almost certainly physical factors, such as nice legs, breasts etc (sorry to be frank here, but that is the truth!) But there were also other subtle factors that you might not have been consciously aware of, but that made a big subconscious impression on you, such as that they laughed in a certain way when you told a joke, and man it just pressed your buttons in all the right ways!

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The only 'problem' with where you are at now is that those trigger points have been turned against you, and you are literally pressing the wrong buttons.

This is where Jason steps in with second chance romance to apply a combination of techniques from NLP, Hypnosis, Counselling and some super sneaky stuff I haven't seen anywhere else, to your relationship. The text has a nice vibe to it and despite all this top-notch technology is not pushy, but rather aims to show you where you have been going wrong in order that you can start to get your house in order and set things right.

This all kicks off with various insights into what you shouldn't be doing (very important as you have probably been banging your head against a wall, and making things worse with some of the things you have been doing). It shows how lots of the things that we instinctively WANT to do when a relationship goes pear-shaped are just plain BAD News and can really wreck our chances at getting a second shot at romance.

The text then develops into a step by step blueprint on what you should be doing. Some really cool stuff here. Its a bit like if you were to go and try to climb a mountain in your trainers. Its just not going to work. But if you get just a small piece of advice to put your crampons on, then it can make a world of difference. There are a ton of tips here. How to apologize without feeling like a wuss, how to escalate, how to reignite the fires etc

This is all good, because, after all, the goal here is not just to read an ebook and get some more information. It is actually to get your ex back, and keep her back.

So second chance romance then builds on all that information by showing you the three most critical factors that you must do if you want the relationship to stay healthy and strong once you have got her back.

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Lots of people seem to be getting good results from it, and that is obviously what really counts most (I am quite happy relationship wise myself at the moment. So I haven't been able to try anything too super-ninja on anyone personally, but these folks liked it).

"Jason, I've been using your system for only a week now and I'm already seeing results. Me and my ex are getting together this Saturday to go out to the movies. It's pretty funny though because I only used one of your methods, and she texted ME asking to hang out. How crazy is that? Anyways, thanks for the guidance and I will let you know how are date goes! - Ryan"
"I have read your book and I have to say, there are some truly amazing concepts discussed within it. Having a background in psychology, I honestly wasn't expecting to learn anything new, but becuase I wanted my ex back so bad, I decided to give it a shot anyways. It's a good thing I did because I was able to get my ex husband back just a few days ago! Not only did I get him back, but I am confident that our relationship will be much more fulfilling this time around. I want to thank you for sharing this informationwith me and others." - Rachel Hall, Tampa, Florida
"It was close to a year ago when I broke up with my ex. At firt, being single wasn't all that bad. However, as the months went by the loneliness REALLY set in. I was MISERABLE. I'm not even kidding right now. And my break up was so long ago that I honestly didn't think your book would help at all. I did end up getting it anyways though, and... I'm not sure if it was luck... or what... but I got my ex back!!! You are THE MAN!!! - Justin"

All in all its a very nice package. The only slight hesitation I have with it is that I think you need to be a moral person to read it, because the sneaky psychological tricks could be quite powerful if you wanted to simply be manipulative with them. But then, as long as you have good intentions I don't think you would have any problems, and there is every chance that at least one of the many techniques Jason talks about will work for you.


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