Get Your Girlfriend Back The No Hassle Guide

Get Your Girlfriend Back The No Hassle Guide

If you're wondering how to get your girlfriend back after a breakup, don't feel discouraged.  In many cases, you can put the pieces back together and start your relationship over.  However, the majority of people interested in getting back together are going about it the wrong way.  They're driving their exes away, and ruining their chances of future happiness.  Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way.  If you take a few basic steps and know what you're doing, you can get your girlfriend back.

What Not To Do...

There are a few major mistakes that many people make when they're trying to restart a relationship.

Number one is chasing and harassing their ex. Don't spend a lot of time emailing, phoning, or showing up in person. If you do, it won't be long before she doesn't want anything to do with you.  If you go to the point of trying to force meeting, you'll end up being labeled as a stalker.  You'll never successfully guilt or cajole her into a relationship that'll really last.  Use better tactics if you want real results.

Don't let the breakup ruin your life, either.  It's easy to slide into a depressive state, which will take the rest of your life with it.  You could stop taking care of yourself, spend all your time inside, and even lose your job if you give in to despair.  Don't be the person who let a breakup destroy their life, and don't let your social life die out.  Turning into a hermit does nothing to help you put your relationship back together, and it can end up putting you in a worse situation personally.

What To Do

Start by asking yourself what makes you worth dating.  If your girlfriend left you to start something up elsewhere, there's a good chance it's because there was something wrong with the relationship.  Did you stop holding up your end of the relationship?  Were you taking her for granted?  Once the infatuation wears off, it can be pretty easy to let things slide in your relationship.  That makes staying pretty unappealing.  So if you want to get her back, you have to figure out how to be genuinely appealing.  Don't fake it and make claims you can't back up.  Just play up your strengths, and make sure you're willing to follow through.

Keep the lines of communication open.  While stalking your ex is a terrible idea, you should send the occasional light, friendly email or show up to a party where you're both invited.  Don't start a confrontation and don't be a jerk, but do make it possible for her to talk to you if she'd like to.  But let her seek you out.  If she's ready to get back into things, you don't need to do the chasing.  You just need to stay confident, work on yourself, and let her know that you're interested in re-kindling the flame.  She'll start talking to you again on her own if she's ready to come back.

Most breakups are totally preventable - but you cannot do what
feels  "natural" (calling all the time, apologizing endlessly, etc.).

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