How To Get Back Together With Your Girlfriend

How To Get Back Together With Your Girlfriend

There is an abundance of advice on how to get back together with your girlfriend, some which is helpful, but plenty that is not so good. If you want advice on how to get back with your girlfriend, then don't ask people who are constantly changing relationships, find someone who has experience. This may be harder than it looks, so here is some important real world tips and advice you can use.

For one, the first place to start is deciding whether or not it is really worth getting back with her. Obviously, there is still something about this person that attracts you to them. If you really feel that it's worth getting back together, then you really have to do some honest soul searching of yourself. Think back on the relationship, and try to figure out what went wrong. This is not time for blaming her for leaving, or the other way around. This is the time to realize the reasons things started to go down hill.

There are three key reasons why people break up...

One of them is communication. Then there is also honesty and trust. All of these work hand in hand, with the first being the most important to the others. Sure you may have talked about anything and everything at first, but somehow, somewhere, communication starts to break down. Maybe you did something you are not proud of, and didn't communicate with her because of what her response might have been. This is where many problems start. If you trust someone, then you have to learn that nothing can be so bad that you can't tell them. Sure they may be angry with you, sure you may have an argument or even a fight, but if you want them to trust you, you have to tell them the truth, and be honest with them. See how these three things work in harmony with each other?

Once you are clear why the relationship broke up, you have to figure out what you can do to change this in yourself. Whether it's learning to communicate better, or get some anger management classes, or even deal with your own fears, if you really want to get back with your girlfriend you have to address and start to resolve these issues. Once you have started down this road, and have had some improvements, then it is time to see if she is willing to try again.

There are ways to tell if she is willing to try again. The first is if she is still single. If she is, there is a good chance she is waiting to see if you have changed, or is regretting the break up. Meet at a public location, one that isn't romantic, but neutral. Talk in an open an honest manner, and let her know that you are willing to try again, if she is. Let her know that you understand there was some problems, and that you are trying to straighten these things out. Be a man, and ask her to help you with some of the things you may be dealing with. Ask her to come to an anger management class with you, or maybe even ask if she is willing to see some kind of counselor to help.

Most breakups are totally preventable - but the you cannot do what
feels "natural" (calling all the time, apologizing endlessly, etc.).

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